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executive training

Make the most of any media opportunity with bespoke training

As the media continues to fragment, there are more opportunities than ever to promote your business. But if Radio Four’s Today programme called and asked you to appear, would you be ready?

We have trained hundreds of C-suite executives on the techniques needed to excel in any interview situation. Our trainers are all former journalists, most with BBC or ITV experience. All our courses are designed around your needs and only deal in realistic scenarios. We can also prepare you to perform well in the worst of circumstances. When a crisis strikes, your reputation hangs in the balance so make sure you know how to handle a media onslaught.

media interviews

Whether it’s an interview with a trade magazine, a national newspaper or a broadcaster you need to be prepared. Our courses will show you how the media work, what they are looking for and most importantly how to deliver your key messages in an authentic and compelling way.

crisis simulation and handling

Any sensible business prepares for the worst so they can protect their reputation when a crisis hits. You may have a play book for all those potential emergencies, but experience shows that few companies prepare their top teams on how to communicate when an issue arises. The media are hungry beasts and need feeding 24/7. Is your team ready? We run bespoke crisis simulations so you can stress test your responses in the safest of environments.

presentation training

Whether you are talking to investors, staff or an industry audience, we can take your presentation beyond ‘death by PowerPoint’. We don’t just help you feel more confident physically, but we also share the secrets of storytelling with you so you can deliver your insights and strategy in the most compelling way.