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crisis & issues management

Your reputation is everything. You want a partner who can help navigate the bumps in the road.

You’ve worked hard on your brand, your reputation. Then you hit a bump, like many companies from time to time. An accident on site, say, or a set of disappointing results. Most issues are easily foreseen and managed but occasionally an unexpected problem might threaten to drag you into a reputational sinkhole.

Gracechurch can navigate you through all aspects of crisis communications planning and management – in good times and bad. We help you create and maintain a positive public image. We anticipate issues before they arise – and if the worst happens, enable you to respond effectively.

preparation & planning

Crisis management doesn’t have to mean a full-blown crisis. It’s best to prepare for problems in advance. With our knowledge of your business, and wide experience of investors and media, we can advise on the reputational effects of your company’s actions, help prepare, and create contingency plans that provide for first steps, how you will communicate, and how to prevent an issue happening again.

crisis training & simulation

Organisations that respond rapidly to a crisis are more likely to control the narrative and survive with reputations intact. Our expertise in training and simulation for key personnel allows you to feel confident of responding to a real crisis in an appropriate and timely way, including fielding questions from investors or talking to journalists.


In managing a crisis, silence is rarely golden. As part of being prepared, we work with you to create templates for key messages and reactive statements that will enable a prompt and persuasive response, even to a sudden and unexpected issue.

positive stakeholder relationships

Your reputation is public property so managing it makes sense. Cultivating positive relationships ahead of time is a must. Backed by extensive contacts with and knowledge of media, investors and analysts, our ongoing engagement with relevant stakeholders helps you shape the narrative, whether in highlighting your achievements or tackling a crisis.

navigating potholes

If, despite all preparation and foresight, you hit a major bump on the road, we are the perfect partner to navigate and safeguard your company’s reputation. We provide on-call assistance during a crisis which includes all the functions of a press office, allowing you to receive the best advice and react effectively via the right channels whatever the hour.


In the aftermath of a crisis, one of the most important things you can do is learn from it. For other situations, like preparing a presentation, expert feedback is also invaluable to reputation management. We provide detailed de-briefings in both media/investor training and crisis management, to ensure the company has its best foot forward and prevent crises being repeated.