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corporate communications

Strong corporate communications require a commercial approach that enhances your reputation as well as your value.

So doesn’t your business deserve a partner who understands this? One that brings the background and experience to deliver on both strategy and execution?

Gracechurch Group combines a strategic consultancy with best-in-class corporate communications successfully delivered across the many channels that make up today’s new media landscape.

Our foundations are in financial PR, bringing to our services a broader range of insights and analysis. With a firm eye on commercial outcomes, we develop effective strategies that shape communications.

Commercial sense is always at the core of our offering for companies at all stages of their growth cycle. We engage directly with senior management to advise on how to tell their business story to best effect.

harnessing the power of message + story

We have 20 years’ experience helping clients develop and hone clear, purposeful messaging which engages with their commercial audiences.

We leverage the expertise of senior leadership teams to develop thought leadership positions on emerging topics of sector interest.

We also position management to make their mark on debates in key commercial sectors which are timely and relevant to their organisation’s commercial focus and their customers’ commercial outcomes.

brand development and positioning

Whether an established brand that needs a refresh or a fresh brand that needs to get established, we work with companies to help them put their best foot forward to the market.

We collaborate with senior management, in-house marketing teams and external agency partners to ensure all of the visual and written elements of a company’s brand align with its message and narrative and are positioned to enhance its market proposition.

multi sector media relations strategies

We have over two decades’ experience working with media in all its formats. So we’re experts on how to make the most of the channels available in today’s markets.

Earning editorial coverage has never been more important for companies who want to be heard and taken seriously. We work intelligently to develop stories and supporting content that provide engaging news and thought leadership for readers.

We collaborate and build relationships with the media, across multiple sectors and from print to online to broadcast. We also act as the primary press office for our clients, or in combination with in-house communications and IR teams.

creating engaging thought leadership and content

Gone are the days of the generic press release winging timidly through the ether to end, more often than not, in the bins of a hundred busy reporters. True engagement with stakeholders is a lot more than issuing a press release and takes many forms. A combination of content formats can work harder together. Ultimately, it is about your goals and who you need to reach.

We work hard on curating supportive content that allows a company’s voice to engage across multiple channels using every tool available, and on generating editorial results with well thought-out ideas:

  • Editorial print and online
  • Social media
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Broadcast online, radio and TV

protecting reputation, mitigating risk

Even the strongest organisations are not immune to risk. In today’s world a good reputation is not achieved without a lot of hard work by management and employees – so it’s worth working just as hard to protect it.

Risk mitigation involves envisioning and preparing for possible scenarios before they accelerate into bigger problems or crises. Occasionally, problems arise unexpectedly – if so, we are experienced and equipped to move quickly, allowing management to respond to the risk in an effective and timely way.

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executive support – media and spokesperson training

Our experience enables senior management to really bring a story to life, whether through delivery of a keynote speech, scripting key messages into a short media window online or broadcasting.

First, we assess the key audiences, then develop the messaging for management to deliver, supported throughout by media and presentation coaching – so the key messages are delivered fluently and with maximum impact.

environment, social and governance

Responsible and engaging corporate citizenship has never been more front and centre for organisations, whether as part of a circular economy and sustainability challenges, or impact investment strategies.

We work in a range of sectors with companies and specialist partners to develop frameworks designed to address the challenges across the spectrum of ESG disciplines.

corporate events

Events can be a powerful medium to reach your stakeholders on a personal level, and we work alongside clients to provide everything from strategic conception to the logistical details on the day, and everything in-between.

Events can also become a powerful springboard for other communications activities, such as hosting media interviews or creating meaningful content, and we ensure our clients are well-positioned to lcapitalise on these opportunities.

getting employees on board

Working with senior management, we ensure companies are prioritising and optimising communications with one oftheir most important audiences – employees. We understand the enthusiasm and cohesion a thoughtful internal campaign can generate, as well as the apathy (or worse) poor programmes foster.

Whether it’s crisis communication, an M&A event or just day-to-day company updates, we provide the strategy, process and content to make sure employees are informed and engaged.

digital communications strategies and campaigns

The new media landscape means internal and external stakeholders are consuming information about companies in a variety of ways. With information just a click, tap, swipe or keystroke away, we ensure our clients have the strategy and execution to seize the opportunities digital communications provide.

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