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content & design

Creative branding services that cut through the white noise

In today’s competitive world thousands of companies are clamouring buy me, eat me, try me. How do you make yourself heard? One way to differentiate your brand from all the rest is through the power of your visual and written communications.

Gracechurch helps you cut through the white noise, with stand-out company logos, annual reports, newsletters, podcasts or corporate vids. We have over 25 years’ experience advising businesses on presentation, from tech start-ups to internationally listed companies. Our team of digital designers, journalists, social media and PR experts creates content and designs that reflect your unique company ethos – and get noticed by investors and customers.

logo & corporate style

A company’s logo, style, even colours and fonts, reflect its values and purpose. The world’s most successful brands like Coke or Nike all have an instantly recognisable identity. Whether you want a re-design or something completely fresh, our unforgettable logos, colour palettes and fonts, branded communications, and style guidelines for corporate material, will make your company stand out.

corporate reporting

Statutory reports are among the most crucial documents a company produces – but also the most time-consuming. We deploy our investor relations and City experience, design and content skills, to create reports that are clear, comprehensive, compliant, visually stunning and present your company in the best possible light.

newsletters & internal communications

Digital newsletters are a great tool to engage with investors, customers or employees in a striking and relevant way. Our designers and journalists create accessible and visually appealing newsletters available in two formats. They can include news, interviews, project updates, stand-alone letters from the CEO, blogs, almost anything you want.

presentations & IR content

We combine wide experience of what makes investors tick and design and content expertise to create presentations and IR content that will get investors’ attention. By anticipating what investors want to know, from financials to strategy, we help eliminate those awkward pauses – and give you the best chance of winning them over.


Corporate video is a great way of telling investors and customers your story. It has the power to communicate your brand through a variety of channels and is a perfect vehicle for things like introducing your company, ESG, annual results or animated explainers. Harnessing the talents of our marketing experts, former BBC journalists, video-makers and story tellers makes video less costly and complex than you might think.


If you have something to say or convey, podcasts are another great way to do it via your website or social media. We offer a full concept-to-delivery production service, that can widen your reach and deepen engagement with stakeholders. A series could include the expert views of a key member of your team, discussions highlighting company projects or topical industry issues, to name a few.