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While different teams will require different tools for working remotely, we thought a peek into Luther Pendragon’s tech stack would help you figure out what you might be missing. Indeed, the Covid-19 outbreak may mean you are working from home for the first time in your life — and if so, the concept can be a little daunting. This is especially true if you don’t have the most useful tools for working from home.

Here are some of our best tools for working from home during a lockdown.

One useful piece of advice is to plan your work in advance as far as possible. Just as you would at the office, you might have to plan ahead for a project and manage your team workflow. The goal here is to be able to work seamlessly with your colleagues.

Keep things organised

For project management, we love to use Trello – which is at its core, an online corkboard. You use it to organise “cards” into lists – those cards can be tasks, notes, projects, shared files, or anything else that helps your team work together.

There are various others like MondayAsana or Confluence that can be of great help when it comes to project management.

Communicate and Collaborate Seamlessly

Excellent project management requires excellent communication. Not only is this for seamless collaboration but also because working remotely means you cannot interact as quickly and easily as you would in the office. To this effect, there is a wide range of tools, including messaging and videos. If your company uses the Microsoft Office suite, you’ve most probably used Teams by now but some other apps could work just fine for you including ZoomSkype or Slack. You can easily share your files with OneDriveDropbox Drive or WeTransfer for heavier files.

For simple designs

Over the course of the day, you might require some quick design work. Without your design teams right next to you, there are easy apps you can rely on to give shape to your idea. The easiest to use would be Canva or free photoshop alternative Pixlr. and if you feel like designing interfaces you can use InVision or Figma.Don’t worry if you feel a bit lost – after all, not everyone’s a designer. Try using the existing templates to give you a helping hand.

During a break

The danger of working from home can be that you get so caught up in your own work, in such a familiar environment, that you completely lose track of time. To prevent this, you should schedule some “me time” and there are many great apps that can help you take a breather. If you are in need of meditation and relaxation, you can use Headspace, while for a video break or a bit of fun you can use Youtube or Giphy (we all love a cute cat gif from times to time).

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