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Are you getting it right when you share your results? Investors don’t just want the bare facts and figures, these days they demand more. Looking at your communications in a wider sense, they must be told about market sensitive issues (RNS announcements) but you shouldn’t stop there. Providing consistent updates about your company is a great way to engage and inform but so many businesses fail to do it well. Good content allows you to show off your successes and also to control the narrative in tricky times. Here are a few ideas.

CEO video

Whether they like it or not, CEOs need to be seen and heard. A video presentation explaining the results is the minimum but they don’t have to be complicated. A simple presentation to camera works well. Investors love short, simple, easy to understand updates.

The secret is good scripting and good editing to make it look professional, informative and entertaining. It’s amazing how a few slick graphics can lift a presentation.

If budget is an issue, a smartphone (and a mic) can produce a more than acceptable video.

One of our clients, Castillo Copper, uses the CEO video to great effect. Since we’ve been producing them their social media engagement has soared. Another client, Great Southern Copper, has gone a step further with its ‘Pub Geology’ series. The Managing Director explaining key aspects of the mining process. This resonates with investors because it is authentic and allows them to connect with GSC’s management.

Results Animation

A great way to present results is with animated graphics. They grab an investor’s attention as they are scrolling and encourage them to read the full RNS announcement. We recently animated Technology Mineral’s interim results. We put key highlights from the official release on slides and coupled them with good visuals. We kept the text short to maintain attention and used illustrations to explain any technical jargon. Our analytics tell us these posts are outperforming text only ones.


An infographic, as the name suggests, is a graphical depiction of information. With the obvious aside, this type of content is far more difficult to successfully pull off compared to the other formats discussed. The primary challenge comes in its design, as a digital team has to not only fit a large volume of information onto a single page – they must also keep this information visually interesting and easy to read. Successful infographics must truly condense information into its simplest form and provide a way for readers to navigate the page.

Infographics live and die on their design – it takes skill to fit lots of information onto a single page and keep it visually interesting and easy to read. We used an infographic to explain BATM’s NFV CyberGuard to investors. As habits change it was important that this worked just as well on a mobile as a laptop.


Serious investors love webinars because they get in-depth information from the horse’s mouth. They can range from simple Zoom or Teams calls to more sophisticated webcasts from studios.

To ensure success, implement these tips.

First, invest in good design for your presentation. Unless you are a dab hand at Canva/Powerpoint this is the time to call in the professionals. You want slick, visually interesting slides with very little text. You can always share the complicated graphs with investors later. The key here is to grab their attention and leave them wanting more.

Second, don’t miss opportunities to ‘sell’ to your captive audience. Rather than a boring ‘holding slide’ as you wait for the webinar to start, why not run your company’s video explainer (you do have one don’t you?)

Finally, don’t forget to maximise the reach of your webinar. Upload a recording to YouTube for those that missed it. Also put short, edited clips out on your socials. We used these tactics for our client BATM during and after their Capital Markets Day.

In summary

Investors want more from the companies they are thinking of investing in. They expect more openness and want to have more of a conversation – after all it is their money. The good news is that it has never been easier to set up these conversations and build trust in your business. If you’d like to explore how you can do more with your website and social media channels we’d love to chat.

Maria Gladkaya

With 10+ years of experience, Maria is known to create and execute national and international online campaigns and end-to-end solutions in-app and website development, especially with build-to-sell or build-to-monetise strategies. Read more...